Anhvu Buchanan and Brent Piller

Here the Sky Falls

My rumor started a fairy tale that ended the world. I slid a secret underneath your eyelids. Every mistake leads to a new brain growing inside you. The world sees me as a moving wanted poster. I think in arithmetic. One plus bird poem equals a goodnight’s goodnight kiss. How many times can they take down the stars so the ocean sleeps better at night? Three, the answer is always three. And the Holy Ghost said when the ocean is awake so is God and when God is awake so is the devil and when the devil is awake so are tornadoes and when tornadoes are awake the sky is connected to the dirt and once the dust settles there is nothing left to do but let the brain break.

Land of The Whatever You Think It Is

You have stabbed from the front the back and my sides with the tips of your peninsulas. What doesn't die soon will. Breath begets breath begets a heart in the shape of a wall. All towers lead to heaven until they don't. Beauty dooms itself. The woods stay crooked. States bleed. Rivers are dug by men with large hands but the rain never comes. Leave me here stabbed, blind, stabbed again. Anger rises with each sunrise and fear reloads with each sunset. The hills are blistered and bruised. Tell me it’s just the wind from the midwest blowing again. Tell me, will you burn down all your trees for a better horizon? Your cities peel and rust away one neighborhood at a time. I am full of fight songs but have no melody to carry me through the mountains. You have closed all your oceans, turned off the lights in the sky. All I have is what can never be left. All I have left is one foot in front of the other, waiting for the fire that will one day come.

Anhvu Buchanan is the author of The Disordered (sunnyoutside press) and Backhanded Compliments & Other Ways to Say I Love You (Works on Paper Press ) and Which Way To Go or Here (Platypus Press, 2016) co-written with Brent Piller. He currently teaches in Berkeley and can be found online at 

Brent Piller is the co-author (along with Anhvu Buchanan) of the mini-chapbook Which Way to Go or Here (Platypus Press, 2016). His poems have appeared recently in or forthcoming in (b)OINK, Gramma, Wildness, Reservoir, and Yellow Chair Review. He can be reached at