Ginger Ko


Struggling to cover myself in front
of the coming sky roar. (You broke
my head every day, accusing me
of secret complaints. But I had no
hidden grief—it was just you.
(Slices of lacy rock/root.))
All of your poems describe autumn.
In all of this, I don’t want you
to forget that I’m a woman.
(Not white.) I take you as a partner
and close you in the house, slash you
into a woman (fight you for the right
to age like a rockstar, pummel you
into the shape of the one who stores
poison (who rises early and waits up late)).
To be more worn. (I don’t want
what comes.) (dimpled skin full
of stuffing) (I wonder
if I’m really anything.)
Even the wild animals move
around me, not looking.

Ginger Ko is the author of Motherlover (Bloof Books), and the chapbooks Inherit (Bloof Books) and Comorbid (Lark Books). Sidebrow will be publishing her second, currently unnamed, full collection of poetry. Ginger is currently a PhD student at the University of Georgia’s creative writing program.