Jim Redmond

Basic Html Tags for Parents

                         <title>15 Things to Know about Your Teen Being on the Internet</title>
                         <h1>underage teen even</h1>
                         <h2>more underage</h2>
                         <h3>on the social media</h3>
                         <p>i.e. preservative <br /> chemical compounds <br /> reduce risk <br /> of
                         microbial spoilage <br /> but how underage <br /> is ok <br /> fit for the flit of
                         five-second <br /> Snapchat <br /> or maybe other sharable Panopticons <br />
                         for American prosperity are <br /> to be suggested <br /> screen says <br /> text
                         too much texting <br /> to dear LISTSERV <br /> for automated yes</p>
                         <p><audio src=“while Dr. Phil theme song.mp3”/audio> <br /> does pastiche of
                         Maury Povich’s <br /> mix of hyperreality and hot flashes of scientific inquiry
                         <br /> with new sincerity <br /> about chocking game <br /> on latest Nielsen <br
                         /> prefab feels <br /> arrive in Q4 asunder <br /> the corporate monad <br /> into
                          survival mode <br /> care mods <br /> <img src=“derpette.bmp”/> <br /> because
                         <br /> to invent the teenager <br /> was not enough <br /> when going to free
                         market <br /> without proper ad specs <br /> or InDesign proficiency <br /> was
                         too YouTube bucolic too <br /> now teen comes in <br /> off-white <br />
                         <image src=“whiteguywithbackwardshatgivingthumbsup.gif width=1
                         height=2,000 alt=WhiteGuyWithBackwardsHatGivingThumbsUp”/> <br />
                         Dubstazz (which recent Marketing <br /> just quantified <br /> from 5 New
                         Music Genres You Need to Hear in 2015) <br /> classic I Can Haz <br /> or SSRI
                         equivalent <br /> but goes into <br /> Siri voice <br /> saying I’m sorry <br />
                         I’m not able to connect right now <br /> so fast <br /> nowadays <br /> your
                         fauxstalgia <br /> can’t Shazam whatever it was</p>
                         <p>not all plans available <br /> on all devices <br /> but with upgrade <br />
                         family package <br /> can more <br /> readily track <br /> the remaining balance 
                         <br /> between law and desire <br /> which allows <br /> PornHub <br /> to
                         barely 18 <br /> as most likely <br /> search result <br /> for switching <br />
                         from baby monitor <br /> to side hug <br /> into Forever <br /> 21<br /> some
                         breaks are <br /> commercial <br /> mixed use <br /> my residential unit <br />
                         keeps sublimating <br /> into Candy Crush invite <br /> frequently asked
                         questions <br /> include <br /> #myteen is a four-and-a-half-star teen <br />
                         <image src=”amazon.com.gif”/> <br /> streaming 24/7 <br /> with enough likes
                         to know it</p>

Jim Redmond has lived in Michigan most of his life, but now he’s in Denton, TX. He received his MFA  from the University of Michigan and is currently a PhD candidate in Creative Writing at the University of North Texas. Some of his poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Blackbird, BOAAT, Redivider, PANK, and TYPO, among others. His collection of poems, Shirts or Skins, won one of Heavy Feather Review's 2013 chapbook prizes.