Leia Penina Wilson

snuggling by the fireside

what is it to be here
constantly putting away my body
i do love that single hurt color     blue memory
second burial     truetruefeeling
we feast     what must be done to appease apollo
for nine days i sit in darkness
lose my sight
for nine days i sit
in darkness
such devotion earns     prophecy
apollo rains down death
i lay out seeds
soak it up
the wilderbeasts are coming
the crocodiles gather
in anticipation
what do i know
of that patience

baby it’s cold outside

it wanting itself     dies
no longer desiring
she comes to world
to freeze object
of love in time
it comes down
to a question of ownership
the echo of war
we ask
we no longer answer we
collect     body
we build our own museums
we are each unsatisfied
i call mine grief
she glory
i think how like a boy
the object
of devotion
her abuse
his own likeness

mother always makes us pray before we eat

wombless sister
in the midst of desire
your army     is calm
send them to locate
our new needing

ambivalent sister
suppose destruction
is already on its way
are you   really
just     going to sit

world    are we now
each in love
with ourselves
there is so much time
how would we know
which mask     ourselves
no longer one
i ask     can we love
like this
will we return home
i am very tired
hating laughing reconciling
lover mother sister kin     the birth
of our child
is burning

Leia Penina Wilson is proudly Samoan. She received her MFA from the University of Alabama, and is currently pursuing her PhD at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. She likes to bake and play Magic the Gathering. She loves winter and animals also.