Noah Falck

Poem Excluding Guyliner

A homeless man serves our cat love potion from
a Big Gulp®. We    watch    from    the   bedroom
window and imagine living in a smarter Texas. It
was a stormy evening, and our kisses were filled
with potholes  and  bagpipes. After the storm,  a
clergy of clouds   took   the long way home in  a
story coded with bliss.

Poem Excluding Mathematics

At the infant’s  birthday  party  we  put the cats to
sleep before lighting the trick candles. You record
it all  in  a  journal, for a  script  your  working  on,
you say. You read  the opening sentence aloud to
everyone    at    the    party.   “The    afternoon   is
something  worth  bedazzling.” A security camera
pans anxiously across the parking lot forever.

Noah Falck is the author of Snowmen Losing Weight (BatCat Press, 2012), and several chapbooks including Celebrity Dream Poems (Poor Claudia, 2013). He lives in Buffalo, NY, where he works as education director at Just Buffalo Literary Center and co-curates the Silo City Reading Series in an abandoned grain silo along the Buffalo River.