Russell Bennetts & Rauan Klassnik

Joe C (JC) Mnemosynic

Me heart's pacing through the whorehouse courtroom
the virtue of compassion has reddened many a bird's wing
Molly McRedy’s English Gardens
Avenue Gardens
Ron Walt Seth Seth Seth can suck my fucking dick
‘Wit Waltma’—jajajaja ;)Feathers Fluff;)   Gavel on my feed, bursting

Camden, Nottingham, on a casuallllll strut
I need a black studded woodsman, yo, yo, yo
A fat old Friar and a bleeding brook
U dear Father, in yr elegant
decomposing hat, ashed on through the crowds

Crapuscular shirttails parched
And Zodiac

Russell Bennetts is the editor of Berfrois. He lives in Kentish Town, London.
Rauan Klassnik lives in Kirkland, WA and has published two books of poetry with Black Ocean (Holy Land, 2008, and The Moon's Jaw, 2013. His latest book, Sky Rat (2014) is with Spork Press.