Ruth Baumann

A Book Calls It Recognition Hunger

Repackaging, I present
a thousand winters. I imagine
really the same scene over
& over. Can the external
provide? Are you even asking?
But I’ve lost the throat

to ask, the appetite to answer.
O littlest little self, you have
no more idols. Snow falls
like sugar. I cut apart my tongue.

Alive With the Hauntings

Art not being a way into the stars.
Art being a way out.

For so long I fell asleep thinking.
Then earlier

snuck up. It came at me with open
palms. It gave me choice:

six thousand miles to the center
or two steps. Either way,

I had to greet the center. So
raw, so disinterested in insanity!

Childhood grief is like a stone
worn around the neck, I’ve

heard. Also I’ve heard
a bird cry in the middle of the night

like it needed dawn now. & who
was god to argue?

Ruth Baumann is a PhD student at Florida State University & holds an MFA from the University of Memphis. Her first chapbook, I’ll Love You Forever & Other Temporary Valentines, won the Salt Hill Dead Lake Chapbook Contest in 2014. Her second chapbook, wildcold, won the Slash Pines Chapbook Contest & is forthcoming in 2016. Her third chapbook, Retribution Binary, won the Black Lawrence Black River Chapbook Competition & is forthcoming in 2017. Poems are published in Colorado Review, Sonora Review, Sycamore Review, The Journal, Third Coast & others listed at