Zach Ludington


When we fawn we bat our lashes.
Is that innocence? In a sense,
but the other we know too well.
Boulevards, revolving doors, big names,
high places. / Quiver in the woods:
A white tail poised to flee
or an arrow set to doe?


What wouldst thou have with me? - Tybalt

No jerk can ever fulfill
old dreams from Plato’s cave.
Sweet and spicy, a bit too savory,
too irony. Ah, there’s the rub:
too dry. A villain or a knave?
How is everything tasting? Or
Get the hell out of my life.

Zach Ludington is Assistant Professor of Spanish at the University of Maine. His translation of Agustín Fernández Mallo's book of poems, Pixel Flesh, won a grant from PEN America a couple years ago. He has published translations of contemporary Spanish poetry in PEN America, Drunken Boat, Numéro Cinq, and elsewhere.